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  • Anchor, 02-GHL-187, drawing Chandre: 700x494 15K
  • Barber's bowl, 99-GHL-45, drawing C. Souter: 100x120 2K, 300x392 8K
  • Beardman jug, 96-GHL-07, drawing Palita: 400x593 16K, side 360x584 11K
  • Beardman jug, 98-GHL: drawing C. Souter: 700x546 19K
  • Beardman jug, 99-GHL-07, drawing C. Souter: 700x579 18K
  • Beardman jug, plain, 02-GHL-160: 150x244 7K, 300x488 15K
  • Beardman jug, stoppered, 02-GHL-161: 150x225 6K, 300x450 14K
  • Blue and white stoppered jar 99-GHL-08, drawing C.Souter: 400x557 14K
  • Combs, 98-GHL-35&56, drawing Muthu/Chandre, 650x613 22K
  • Grenade, 02-GHL-213, drawing Palita: 700x452 15K
  • Human skull, 99-GHL-33, drawing C. Souter: 200x113 2K, 650x430 12K
  • Iron cannon, 02-GHL-175, 700x411 18K
  • Medicine jars 98-GHL-20/26/27, drawing C. Souter: 600x385 17K
  • Pewter jar 99-GHL-16 500x309 9K
  • Pewter vessel 99-GHL-09: view1 300x479 13K, spout/handle view 300x512 11K
  • Pulley block, 99-GHL-34, drawing C. Souter: faces 150x88 3K, 500x350 17K; side 150x62 2K, 500x286 10K
  • Rigging reconstruction, drawing W.van Duivenvoorde: 600x451 18K
  • Spoon, 02-GHL-132, drawing C. Barnes: 400x520 4K
  • Embedding survey poles with a water pump 150x204 10K
  • Triangulation & offset measurements 300x148 12K
  • Water dredge & pump 200x112 8K
  • Boat variety, Brandes 1786: 250x164 15K, 500x329 40K
  • Clay pipes: (a) 300x460 8K, (b) 300x480 7K
  • Dutch warehouse, now Maritime Museum: 250x96 10K, 500x192 19K
  • Flag communications with ships at anchor, Heydt 1735: 300x114 13K
  • Galle fort, c.1660, Atlas of Weider: 600x232 26K, 2000x775 160K
  • Galle fort from causeway, 1710, C.Steiger, Rijksmuseum: 600x167 21K
  • Iron anchor, at stone anchor site: 150x137 4K, 230x211 6K
  • Navigation marks, Schilde & Hoogendorp 1757: 250x363 21K, 500x727 45K
  • Pilot dhoni guiding ship into harbour, Heydt 1735: 300x157 16K
  • SS Rangoon sinking: 200x133 7K, 500x352 20K
  • Ship at anchor, Heydt 1735: 300x163 12K
  • Stone anchor, broken, GHP31: 140x79 3K
  • Stone anchor, large, GHP-30: 227x196 8K
  • Stone anchor, one-hole, GHP-76: 77x60 2K
  • View from flagstaff 1786, J.Brandes: 567x180 20K
  • Water boats, Heydt 1737: 250x146 17K, 460x269 29K



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