Areas of the Avondster site

From historical documents, we have an idea how space was divided on a 17th-century East Indiaman. Excavation of the Avondster should enable us to learn more about the details.

In the bow, sails and rigging were stored and maintained. On the site, we have found large amounts of rope, rigging elements, and a (relatively) small bow anchor.

Bow section of the Avondster

The mid ship section was generally used for crew accommodation and food preparation. The galley is here, and around it we have found firewood, barrels, storage jars, and objects related to the preparation and consumption of food.

Mid ship section of the Avondster

The stern section included the officers' quarters and the constables' workshop. Medicine jars, combs, a barber's plate and other equipment of the barber-surgeon have been found in this area. Navigation instruments, personal belongings, trade items, and objects related to the maintenance of guns and weapons may also be expected in the stern. Lead shot and a gun carriage axle have been found here.

Stern section of the Avondster

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20 Nov 2003