Last modified:
20 Nov 2003

Reconstruction of the Avondster's rigging

Reconstruction of the 1661 rigging of the English East Indiaman Blessing, later renamed Avondster,
by Wendy van Duivenvoorde, April 2002.

Large quantities of spare rope and some pulley blocks were found in the bow section of the Avondster during 2001-02. We know from archival sources that many spare parts were shipped from Europe to Asia, in order to guarantee a quality standard, and that in some cases the VOC used local products. Analysis of the artefacts may tell us about the mix of items in use on the Avondster. Shipbuilding research will include English shipbuilding sources, since the Avondster was of English origin. The research will include gathering images of relevant ships and ship types, to help us reconstruct features of the Avondster's hull and rigging. The tentative drawn reconstruction of the ship and her rigging, above, was based on the initial phase of the excavation. For details, see Appendix 2: The rigging of the VOC ship Avondster, an abstract of a paper by Wendy van Duivenvoorde, on p.65 of the Avondster Project Report 2001-2002 (pdf file; text page 65, Acrobat page 71).

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