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Maritime Asia people

Sten Sjostrand  on deck at the Desaru site, Oct 2001.Sten Sjostrand discovered and investigated the seven wrecks covered in the virtual exhibition on this site. He is an engineer who spent most of his working life in Southeast Asia designing and engineering marine and offshore structures. A keen sailor, he has a deep interest in the history of Southeast Asian maritime trade, and the history and aesthetics of Asian ceramics. E-mail:; other contact details4.

Dato' Dr Adi Taha was Director-General of the Department of Museums & Antiquities in Malaysia, which organised the exhibition Marine Archaeology in Malaysia, and commissioned the related book, Maritime Archaeology and Shipwreck Ceramics in Malaysia¹.

Roxanna Brown at the
Muzium Negara exhibition, Nov 2001.The late Dr Roxanna Brown was an expert on Southeast Asian trade ceramics, and examined the ceramics from all the wrecks investigated by Sten Sjostrand. They co-authored Maritime archaeology and shipwreck ceramics in Malaysia¹, and Turiang: a fourteenth century shipwreck in Southeast Asian waters². At the time of the "seven shipwrecks" exhibition, Roxanna was adjunct curator of Southeast Asian ceramics at Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California. She later became the first director of the Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum in Bangkok. She passed away in tragic circumstances in May 2008.

Claire Barnes has an amateur interest in Asian history and maritime archaeology, co-authored the MBRAS Turiang report3, and assisted with the exhibition Marine Archaeology in Malaysia at Muzium Negara. She developed this website, and occasionally adds to it. E-mail:

See also: Turiang people/contacts.

  1. Roxanna Brown & Sten Sjostrand, Maritime archaeology and shipwreck ceramics in Malaysia, Department of Museums & Antiquities, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2001. ISBN 967-9935-16-7. This 118-page colour book is available from the Department, or from Muzium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
  2. Roxanna Brown & Sten Sjostrand, Turiang: a fourteenth century shipwreck in Southeast Asian waters, Pacific Asia Museum, 2000. ISBN 1-877921-17-3. This 64-page colour book is available from Pacific Asia Museum Store, 46 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA; fax +1 626 449-2754. It includes 14 pages on the finds from the Nanyang, Longquan, and Royal Nanhai wrecks. Price US$25 plus postage & packing; credit cards accepted. E-mail, with 'Store Manager' in the subject line, to
  3. Sten Sjostrand & Claire Barnes, 'The Turiang: a fourteenth century Chinese shipwreck upsetting Southeast Asian ceramic history', Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol LXXIV part 1 (no.280), 2001, p.71-109. This website includes all the content of the black-and-white JMBRAS report, but has more images (and occasional updates, always noted on the 'what's new' page).
  4. Sten's address is:
    Nanhai Marine Archaeology Sdn Bhd, 25 Jalan Wawasan Jaya, 26820 Kuala Rompin, Malaysia.
    Tel: +60 9 4131002. Fax: +60 9 4132996. Commercial website:

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