Medallion from Sukhothai underglaze fish plate T-717.

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Photo of Sten Sjostrand  with brown ricepot from Turiang.Sten Sjostrand is an engineer who has spent the last thirty years in Southeast Asia, primarily designing and engineering marine and offshore structures. A keen sailor, he has a deep interest in the history of Southeast Asian maritime trade, and the history and aesthetics of Asian ceramics. He has discovered a number of wrecks dating from the 14th century through World War II, and is presently concentrating on exploration in the South China Sea. Contact:

Claire Barnes has no expertise in Asian ceramics, an amateur interest in Asian history and maritime archaeology, and was merely catalytic in the internet publication of a report already all but exhaustive. The report subsequently appeared in print form¹. Contact:

Both intend that all findings from the wrecks investigated should be published, and that maximum information should be derived on all aspects of ancient shipbuilding, trade, shipboard life, etc. All effective assistance is welcome. Indispensable contributions have already been made by:

  • Roxanna Brown, a world-recognised expert on Southeast Asian trade ceramics, who is the adjunct curator of Southeast Asian ceramics at Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California². She and Sten Sjostrand are co-authors of Turiang: A Fourteenth Century Shipwreck in Southeast Asian Waters³.

  • Johan Milton, a member of the diving team who has devoted much time to the registration and conservation of artefacts.

  • Andi Baumgartener and Scott Sheehan, the other members of the diving team for the Turiang.
  • Robert McLeod, who took many of the photographs.
  • Ong Choon Kwang, Duangta Thoetwangmuang, and Khalid Yusop.
Sten's address is:
Nanhai Marine Archaeology Sdn Bhd, 25 Jalan Wawasan Jaya, Tanjong Gemok, 26820 Kuala Rompin, Malaysia.
Tel +60-9 413-1002. Fax: +60-9 413-2996.

  1. Sten Sjostrand & Claire Barnes, 'The Turiang: a fourteenth century Chinese shipwreck upsetting Southeast Asian ceramic history', Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol LXXIV part 1 (no. 280), 2001, p.71-109. This website includes all the content of the black-and-white JMBRAS report, but has more images (and occasional updates, always noted on the 'what's new' page).
  2. Roxanna also offers formal written appraisals of Southeast Asian ceramics, eg for insurance & tax purposes. Contact:
  3. Roxanna Brown & Sten Sjostrand, Turiang: a fourteenth century shipwreck in Southeast Asian waters, Pacific Asia Museum, 2000. ISBN 1-877921-17-3. This 64-page colour book is available from Pacific Asia Museum Store, 46 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA; fax +1 626 449-2754. It includes 14 pages on the finds from the Nanyang, Longquan, and Royal Nanhai wrecks. Price US$25 plus postage & packing; credit cards accepted. E-mail, with 'Store Manager' in the subject line, to

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