Non-ceramic artefacts

Type number & description
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1: Wood sample
The wood is from a temperate climate, and is probably cedar, pine or fir. On some examples there are oxidized remains, which are likely to be evidence of iron nails.
Wood sample
2: Copper ingots
The copper ingots come in three sizes.
Weight: small 0.5 kg, medium 0.75 kg, large 1 kg.
Diameter: small 10-13 cm, medium 14-17 cm, large 18-20 cm.
Copper disc

3: Bronze gong
The gongs have a straight rim and the top is slightly curved, without the central protrusion often seen on later gongs. The angle of the sides permits stacking.
Diameter: 41-43cm. Weight 3-4kg.

Bronze gong
4: Iron pot
The pot has an everted rim and weighs 29kg.
Diameter: 41cm
Iron pot
5: Concretion
As on most wreck sites, there are many lumps of concretion - various shapes and forms, incorporating oxidized metal and pottery shards.


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20 July 2003